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Current Loop Sensor 4-20 mA

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Current Loop Sensor

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Signal converter for 4-20mA current loop output of external probes. Contains a current source for powering the external probe. The converter is electrically isolated from the 1Wire-UNI bus.

Connect an external industrial probe with a 4-20mA current loop output (“sink” type). For example a CO2 sensor or a tank level probe.

Almost any industrial sensor can be connected to Poseidon2 or Ares units in this way. The values can be shared over LAN or GSM.

  • Includes a current source for the external probes.
  • 4-20mA current loop is electrically isolated from the 1-Wire UNI bus.
  • The sensor can be used in industrial environments.
  • The current loop can be several tens or hundreds of meters long.