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IP WatchDog2 Industrial

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IP WatchDog2 Industrial

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In a user defined period the IP WatchDog2 Industrial detects the status of internet connection, LAN connected devices and RS-232 connected devices. The IP WatchDog2 Industrial can monitor up to ten channels including up to two RS-232.

The IP WatchDog2 Industrial uses the following five methods of status detection:

  • Ping Out: IP WatchDog2 periodically sends PING requests
  • Ping In: IP WatchDog2 waits for a PING from the monitored device
  • Web client: IP WatchDog2 monitors the accessibility of a web page
  • Web server: IP WatchDog2 waits for a request for its internal WEB page
  • RS-232: IP WatchDog2 waits for a specified character sequence in RS-232 data line

Relay capacity 230V/16A AC

Manual: IP WatchDog2 Industrial MAN