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Device designated for measuring temperature and humidity from external sensors

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STE2 now featuring the second hardware revision STE2 R2 which can connect up to 4 sensors via 1-Wire and up to two detectors via digital inputs for dry contacts. The STE2 R2 is sold since May 2020.

STE2  R2 is a device that supports SNMP, designed for temperature and humidity measurements from external sensors and the ability to connect to the Internet
via standard cable or Wi-Fi.

When the permitted range of values is exceeded the device allows alarm messages to be sent by e-mail (TLS), the SensDesk portal (HWg Push).
STE2 R2 now has an Alarms tab, where you can define up to 3 sets of targets an assign them to individual sensors

• Includes standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
• Supports simultaneous operation of Ethernet and Wi-Fi (for easy confi guration)
• 5V power supply or PoE
• Simple installation, supports DHCP
• Built-in WEB server – no need for software other than a standard Web browser
• Sends e-mail at too high / low temperature

The package includes a power adapter and temperature sensor.

Manual STE2